From my point of view teenagers now days are too keen to get married. 

Dear youngsters wake up. I used to be just like you until I am realized this is a huge responsibility need to deal with for the rest of my life.

dear girls don't even expect your life marriage will be happy ending like a Cinderella n fairy god mother. PREPARE yourself to meet a total strangers.make sure you are employed and have decent job while we don't know what future holds.

For boys financial and a sense of responsibility are very important. Don't get married because most of your friends does. Get married for a good reason. When you are prepared mentally and physically. Insha Allah for the sake of Allah and to complete your deen (religion). 

Pray hard to Allah.. Allah knows best for us.. 
Don't hesitate to pray to Allah.

A kindly reminder for my self and for youngsters.. take care. Everything will be happen at a right time with a right person. Don't go rushing everything till u collapse.
Come on just chilling and be happy with yourself and family.. 


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