Subject: Thinking good to others

Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah. Today is a new day for me to wake up and going to work.

The thing that I like to highlight today is thinking good to others.

“Husnu zhon or thinking a good impression to others seems hard these days. There are some reasons we keep thinking bad on others. From my points of view there are several reasons “Su’u zhon “or thinking bad of others happens.

1.    Expectation. We expect someone to be just what they are supposed to be until we become frustrated with ourselves from too being obliviously absurd with their way of thinking or their way of expressing themselves. It’s totally a not good sign to us because we have a doubt to somebody because they don’t meet our expectation.

2.    Double standard. I don’t like if someone want to take you for granted. It’s totally offended people for not being treated in a right way. We are the same human beings or scientifically Homo sapiens. Don’t be a choosy person when you are encountered with a bunch of popular group. Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

3.    Intention: Purify your intention by not simply make a false accusation or impression of others. Always thinking others have a good heart and prepared you to be a good person too.   

I think all of us in common should think others as wonderful and good so that we can have a good relationship with our neighbours, friends and new people. 

Be sincere lilahita’ala instead of judging people without knowing them well. Insha Allah your heart, our relationships with others will be fine and we can turn it into beautiful memories without holding a grudge.



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